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New Website, Endless Possibilities

West Main Trade is growing.  Word of our unique shopping experience is beginning to spread within the local community, and now we’re looking to expand our reach.  We’ve got big plans!  And the new website will help us make things happen.

Curator Spotlights

For starters, we’re going to use our new website along with our existing social media platforms to begin spotlighting our Curators and their unique goods.  We’ll be regularly posting images of the coolest items and behind-the-scenes peeks at how they’re made or acquired.


Let’s face it.  Most of us live online.  We converse online.  We shop online.  We connect online.  It’s time we at West Main Trade started living online too.

So in the coming months we’ll be selling more items online via Facebook Marketplace and other online listings as well as via our very own website. We’ll be starting with in-store pickup only, but eventually we’ll begin shipping items to destinations throughout the state and potentially throughout the country.

Event Listings and Ticket Sales

It’s about time for West Main Trade to help make historic downtown Buford a buzzing center for activity and community.  In addition to our regular Saturday night events, we’re looking to begin hosting free as well as ticketed events throughout the week.  The new website will provide a platform through which to list upcoming events, sell tickets, and take inquiries from parties interested in hosting events in our space.

Tutorials, Articles, & Showcases

West Main Trade is home to a number of tremendously talented people with unique skills and products.  And we make the best coffee around.  So we’ll be making full use of our blog and social platforms to share our coffee knowledge and showcase our Curators talents.  From calligraphy to pottery to leather craft and woodworking.  We’ve got it all.  So look for us to leverage all that talent for uniquely entertaining and informative content for our users.

And So Much More…

This is only the beginning.  West Main Trade is always striving toward new horizons and better methods of providing customers and dealers with better service.  We believe in the power of small businesses to positively impact a community and create prosperity for all involved.  We look forward to growing with you all!



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